Rugby Injuries

Despite the number of injuries to the Welsh team they were still able to beat 28- 25 to England at Twickenham at the weekend.

With the English, (myself included) still licking our wounds, I thought I would write a brief blog about the most common rugby injuries.

As many as 1 in 4 rugby player’s are injured each season with a 57% of those injuries occuring during a match rather than training, more often than not these injuries occur in the second half of the game.

The chances of getting an injury on a rugby pitch are 3 times higher than on the playing field and research has suggested that in the UK one in every 100,000 players is likely to sustain a significant injury.

According to QBE the top five injuries are

  1. Concussion
  2. Hamstring Injury
  3. Thigh Haematoma
  4. Calf Muscle Injury
  5. Medial Collateral ligament (MCL) injury

Whilst Physio Works estimate that over 40% rugby injuries are muscular strains and bruising, 30%  are sprains followed by dislocations, fractures, lacerations and overuse injuries, whilst 44% of  head injuries are concussion.

The Australian Rugby Union state that 31.2% of injuries occur as a result of tackling whilst only 2.4% happen in the scrum and the body part that is most likely to be injured is the shoulder.

In an early study by Hattingh in 2003  it was identifed says that the eighth man is the position most at risk of injury, followed by the flank, hooker and lock, whilst the scrum half least at risk.

With the Rugby World Cup entering it’s 3rd week and the likes of Leigh Halfpenny, Scott Williams and Hallam Amos already ruled out due to injury, let’s hope future injuries are kept to a minimum so that we are able to enjoy the rest of the tornament!












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